Android Circular Progress Bar

Just and example how to create circular progress bar in Android. It works on API < 21 and API > 21.
The default value for useLevel has changed over the Android versions and in API > 21 it is false, This make problems for progress bars when you want to be circular and your bar will be always 100% full. Here is a piece on investigation related to it.

And for your progress bar you can use following example:

> ,)^jwk'Z ,ҷ)^ΉjVv"vVpaMݮ^mMݮ ,i^vi^ˬ{Zݮ ,Fv"vfM؝' ,ڝZʋܜz{^

Here is some more explanations about that.
Given that, it seems that:

useLevel is defaulted to true in Android < 5.0, causing the background ring to follow the progress value if useLevel is not set in its ring shape, thus making it hidden behind the progress indicator ring. useLevel is defaulted to false in Android >= 5.0, causing the progress indicator ring to be fully painted if useLevel is not set in its ring shape.

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